FMS(Formosa Microsemi)

FORMOSA MICROSEMI CO. LTD was founded in July, 1996 with a principle of operation for innovation, speed, diligence and frugality, creating benefits, enthusiasm, sincerity, trustiness, righteousness and future prospect.The company hold this principle for management and to cooperate with the stockholders, staff and related assisting manufacturers. The quality policy is “quality first, service first and satisfaction of customers.” Based on that, the company is marching on the international stage as a recruit of diode industry. When the rectifier diodes are gradually transferred to mainland China, they can only produce products of higher added value in Taiwan. Therefore, based on the Xiaoji Diode (due to the smaller leakage and higher efficiency, there is a trend of gradually replacing the traditional diode, which is the highest priced product in the rectifying diode.) The existing product categories are available from 0.1 amperes to 30 amperes each month. Capacity Planning Monthly More than 200KK engaged in welding, forming, testing and other production operations, another diversified products from the general, fast and ultra-fast diodes have been manufactured. At present, most of the sales customers are OEMs and intermediate electronic parts traders of domestic semiconductor manufacturers. Some of them are marketed by self-owned brands and are widely acclaimed by customers all over the world. The application categories cover communications, vehicle use, AI and wearable device and so on.
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