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Beijing IDworld Science & Technology Development Co.,Ltd Founded in June 2004, is the domestic top experts "fingerprint identification technology", is the core fingerprint algorithm, fingerprint module products, solution and service provider. Eddie ward has the international first-class fingerprint core algorithm (large capacity, fast and exact fingerprint identification, high pass rate, support 360 degrees of recognition, self learning), are specializing in the production product dealers and system integrators to provide full range, all-round fingerprint identification technology and services. Eddie ward provide fingerprint core algorithm software, embedded fingerprint identification module, fingerprint identification, embedded fingerprint identification module EDK SDK and custom services, fingerprint lock, fingerprint access control attendance system, fingerprint authentication, fingerprint module (optical type, capacitance type, scraping type), fingerprint phones, fingerprint series, such as mobile terminal, terminal fingerprint identification system. Can also provide a powerful technical support and commissioned development, OEM, ODM services. Product concept: high cost performance products, high-tech content. Eddie ward is looking forward to cooperating with you!

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