ALIENTEK tech. co., LTD. (Zhengdian atom) is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development and sales of embedded development platform, IOT Internet of things, quadcopter aircraft, instrumentation and enterprise services. Founded in 2012, the company is the most well-known supplier of embedded development platform in China. Its products are exported to countries in southeast Asia, Europe, and America. Hundreds of laboratories and training institutions in colleges and universities in China adopt the point-atom development platform as the experimental teaching platform. As the leader of theSTM32 development platform industry, STM32 series development platform (Apollo, explorer, battleship board, elite board, and Mini board, etc.) launched by the company is widely praised by customers. Company has applied for patents and copyright, published "master STM32F4", "atomic teach you to play STM32", "case said STM32" and "FreeRTOS source explanation and application development" 10 tallies professional works, with Beijing University of Aeronautics and astronautics press and ST official STMicroelectronics company maintain long-term partnership, Mr Stmicroelectronics Cao Jindong (ST China senior marketing manager), Mr Peng Zunian south China area marketing manager (ST), Renaud high-performance MCU product managers (ST) and so on many times to visit our company communication. In 2017, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise, and in 2016, it was rated as a small giant enterprise of scientific and technological innovation in guangzhou.
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