Authorized Brands

Luat is a new IoT development architecture with independent intellectual property rights in China. It is widely used in various industries' IoT solutions based on OpenCPU technology. At the same time, Luat is also the main module brand of Luat . The Luat 2G / 4G series modules independently developed by Luat are widely used, the quality is stable and reliable, and the tens of millions of shipments have been tested by the market, and the price is wide and the industry is concerned. At present, the Luat brand has gathered more than 10,000 industry customers to form a unique IoT ecosystem. The biggest advantage of the Luat brand module is that the secondary development is simple and fast. It not only provides the source code of various typical application scenarios, but also various implementation libraries of TCP / DP / MQTT / HTTP / HTTPS / SSL / FTP, and also for Alibaba Cloud, graffiti Typical cloud platforms such as cloud and oneNet are docked and open source to help customers achieve rapid mass production, shorten the IoT development cycle, and effectively reduce enterprise costs.