Dalian XINGUAN Technology Co., Ltd. is a semiconductor high-tech enterprise founded by overseas returning team. It was established in Dalian High-tech Zone on March 17, 2016 with a registered capital of 85.03 million yuan. The company adopts the integrated design and manufacturing (IDM) business model, mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production and sales of third-generation semiconductor silicon-based GaN epitaxial materials and power electronic devices. The products are used in power management, solar inverters, Electric vehicles and industrial motor drives. The company has built the first 6-inch silicon-based GaN epitaxial and power device wafer production line. In March 2019, XINGUAN Technology was the first in China to introduce a 650 volt silicon-based GaN power device product (through the 1000-hour HTRB reliability test) that met the industrial standard and was officially launched. The company has cooperated with many domestic semiconductor power devices and downstream power supply manufacturers to develop a new generation of power products based on GaN devices, including new energy vehicle car chargers, data center server power supplies and high-end motor drives.
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