Shaoxing Silicore Technology Co., Ltd. is a FABLESS company specializing in the design and sales of integrated circuits. It was established in March 2003 and is a national key high-tech enterprise. The company is mainly engaged in the design, development and sales of integrated circuits, undertaking the design, development and service of integrated circuits commissioned by customers, and providing customers with system solutions with independent intellectual property rights. The company is located in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, a famous historical and cultural city. Shaoxing has beautiful scenery, convenient transportation and obvious regional advantages. The company has more than 140 employees, including more than 90 engineers and technicians, accounting for 70% of the total number of employees. The company has more than 30 sets of advanced IC design systems, and has a group of design talents with rich professional knowledge and practical experience. The company's R&D team has mastered the design and manufacturing technologies of BIPOLAR, CMOS, BICMOS and BCD processes, and has more than 30 new products developed annually. Ability. The company's leading products have formed 8 categories, more than 400 varieties cover a wide range of consumer, communications and investment, customers at home and abroad.
Operational Amplifier/Comparator (6)
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