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SHENZHEN LDROBOT CO., LTD. located in Nanshan, Shenzhen, China, is a high-tech enterprise focus on robotics and AI technology R&D and global sales. So far, it has realized industrialization in robot motion control, environment perception, mapping construction, autonomous navigation, object recognition and machine learning etc. LDROBOT has many mature solution kits on the floor cleaning robot, including algorithm board, control board, LiDAR, TOF and other sensors, robotics firmware and APP. We have achieved sales volume more than 1 million sets. The marketable products of LDROBOT include LDS-SLAM, VSLAM algorithm modules, customized control units, LiDAR, 3D TOF depth camera, RGB panoramic camera, structural light ranging and optical flow sensors, etc. Meantime, we have the ability to design and set up the modules (LiDAR, SLAM and CONTROL BOARDS) and cleaning robot on process function test system. LDROBOT owns hundreds of patents in AI and robotics system with a highly talented R&D and management team. We are consistently researching and developing on the new technologies of robotics environment perception and navigation.

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