Allystar Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. is a spin-out from the GNSS chipsets designing department established in May 2013, subsidiary to China Electronics Corporation - the World’s Top 500 enterprises. On December 6th 2016, the GNSS chipsets designing department was officially independent to match up with planning to relocate to south. Allystar is a joint-venture invested by: , BAIC Group, SAIC Motor, Ningbo Bird (Stock Code: 600130), and Jinjia Group (Stock Code: 002191). The capital is 400 Million RMB. It is a sample joint-ventured enterprise reformed of Central Enterprises, Local State-owned Enterprises and Social investors. Allystar is officially located in Shenzhen as the key enterprises introduced by the People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality of the Weak Link in 2016. Allystar is dedicated to GNSS chips designing & algorithm, and products’ designing, R&D, sales and other related business. We provide chipsets and application solutions to terminal market of consumer electronics, national vital industry, automotive industry and IoT, to fill the blank in GNSS navigation chip industry in Shenzhen and even in the Pearl River Delta region. Adhering to more than thirty years’ successful experiences in integrated circuit design, Allystar has excellent capability on Baseband and RF integration of GNSS chips, algorithm development, and product transition solutions. Allystar designed the 1st 55nm baseband/RF integrated GNSS chip in mass production, which is also the 1stGNSS chip in China ranked in the international top 10 GNSS chips. Allystar is ranked the 7th in ABI Research in 2015 and 2016. Allystar is focusing on several markets to meet different industrial needs, including a wide variety of location applications, such as smart terminals, autonomous vehicles, high precision positioning, and security GNSS. Allystar applied for more than 40 patents and software copyrights. "Functioning well in the sky secures good use on the ground" has always been the hopes of the older aerospace workers to GNSS system. “Chip connects the aerospace and ground” is the goal of Allystar chip R&D team to fulfill the expectations of predecessors.Relying on mastering core chips to break through the bottleneck of lacking chip and few chips and helps the healthy development of GNSS satellite application industrial chain, is the career for all the people at GNSS. Chinese dream, aerospace dream, and GNSS dream! Allystar is sailing from “chip” to pursue our dreams.
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