Founded in 2005, Ingenic is the foremost champion of micro-processors designed in China. Ingenic went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May, 2011. The Ingenic business is based on innovative CPU technologies. The XBurst CPU core, which was self-made by Ingenic, has a unique micro architecture and is one of the most power-efficient and cost-efficient SoC products in the world. Ever since 2007, when the XBurst was released, Ingenic SoC products based on these CPU cores have been popular with electronic products such as biometric identification devices, education electronics, multimedia players, e-books, tablets, etc. Over the years, Ingenic has been investing R&D resources intensely in multimedia signal (video, audio and image) processing, AI engine building and AI algorithm developing among others. Such efforts have spawned a number of competitive processor technologies, leading the company to AIoT industry. Ingenic has become a leading provider of advanced SoC products and AIoT solutions. In 2020, Ingenic merged with ISSI and its affiliated business Lumissil. Thus, Ingenic not only got the memory and analog IC business lines but is well poised to enter auto-electronics and industrial-electronics businesses.
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