Shenzhen weifengheng Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Weifeng" WF for short) focuses on high-tech enterprises in the field of sensors and radio frequency. It is widely used in consumer electronics, handheld terminals, sports and health, smart home, light controlled doorbell, wireless security, industrial measurement, environmental monitoring, communication equipment, instruments and meters, industrial and medical equipment, automotive electronics and other fields, providing customers with high-performance products, application support, solutions, software design and other services. With many years of successful cooperation with famous sensing and control technology enterprises in the world, it is an important supplier and strategic partner of many electronic manufacturing and R & D enterprises in China's electronic industry.
Electronic Tools/Instruments/Consumables (1)
IoT/Communication Modules (7)
Power Supply Chip (3)
Radio Frequency Chip/Antenna (6)
Single Chip Microcomputer/Microcontroller (2)
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