Guizhou Hantianxia Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Guizhou Zhongke Hantianxia Electronics Co., Ltd.) was established in September 2012 with its registered address at No. 130 Kaiyuan Avenue, Kaili Economic Development Zone, Guizhou (Hantianxia Big Data Industrial Park); it is a collection Semiconductor integrated circuit core design, MEMS device and chip design and production, Internet of Things technology and application solutions are a comprehensive group enterprise. Mainly engaged in R&D and sales of CMOS RF power amplifier (PA) and SOC system integrated circuit chips; R&D, production and sales of MEMS RF filters/duplexers and MEMS sensors; R&D, design and application of industrial MCU products in the field of big data And the production of intelligent terminal products.
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