Our company not only has a complete production, warehousing, logistics, office, living, cultural and entertainment systems, but also has two production bases for fasteners and guardrails, and has established an enterprise technology center and testing center. We have advanced multi-station bolt forming machines, nut forming machines, thread rolling machines, tapping machines, large and medium-sized punching machines, fully automatic heat treatment production lines, hot dip galvanizing production lines, electroplating production lines, phosphating production lines, etc. produced by first-class enterprises at home and abroad. There are more than 800 sets of equipment, including more than 30 advanced testing equipment such as GS1000 spectrum analyzer, torsion tester, magnetic particle flaw detector and metallographic microscope imported from Germany; 2 tooth bar production lines; 22 heat treatment production lines, hot-dip galvanizing 2 automatic production lines, 3 electroplating production lines, 1 Dacromet production line; more than 10 production lines for transportation facilities such as guardrails.
Hardware Fasteners/Seals (1090)
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