MICRONE(Nanjing Micro One Elec)

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Nanjing Micro One Electronics Inc. is a high-tech enterprise headquartered in Nanjing, specialized in the development of ASIC chips since 1999. The business covers the R&D and marketing of SAIC chips and a variety of ASIC chips—based electronic products used in information home appliance, wireless and digital communication, network technology and other areas. The main products include AC-DC、DC/DC、LDO、LED Driver、Analog-Digital mix-mode IC、Audio Amplifier、etc. Which supply the solutions for electronic equipment in the main chips and related to provide high—quality and stable power supple solutions.

Driver ICs (15)

Embedded Peripheral ICs (33)

Hardwares & Others (2)

Optocouplers & LEDs & Infrared (3)

Transistors (17)