International Brands

Bourns, a U.S. manufacturer of electronic components, started out as a home-based workshop and began to evolve into a fairly comprehensive product line. Its core product line should be adjustable resistance series. Bourns's product line includes precision resistance potentiometers, panel controllers, encoders, resistor / capacitor networks, chip resistors / excluders, inductors, transformers, recoverable fuses, overvoltage protectors for thyristors, lightning protection for communications Resistance, gas discharge tube, telephone base station protector, 5-pin protector, industrial signal, irrigation and oil protection, cable coaxial cable protector, signal data protector, indoor and outdoor POT splitter, network interface Device, and integrated circuit.

Analog ICs (2)

Inductors & Chokes & Transformers (58)

Pushbutton Switches & Relays (16)

Sensors (10)