WILLSEMI(Will Semicon)

Will Semiconductor Co. Ltd. , established in May 2007 and sited in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, is a semiconductor device and mix-signal IC design house. By now, Willsemi has set up Shenzhen, Taipei, Hongkong branches except Shanghai headquarter. Main product lines of Willsemi are Protecting device(TVS,TSS), Power device(MOSFET, SCHOTTKY, Transistor),Power management IC( LDO, DC-DC, charger, BL led driver, Flash LED driver) and Analog & Power switch. All over 700 part numbers are used in mobile phone, computer, communication, security monitor, wearable, and automobile , etc. As a competitive company, Willsemi keep in averagely 20% growth every year. One of the advantage of Willsemi is that Willsmei can provide customers best technical supports. These supports include EMC testing in our LAB. Willsemi has a complete quality control process. Its reliability Lab, EMC Lab, RD standard procedure, restrict quality criteria in pilot run, mass product guarantee Willsemi can provide hi-quality products. Products, Service, Technical support, make Wlllsemi a more and more renowned IC supplier worldwide.
Audio Components/Vibration Motors (10)
Communication Interface Chip/UART/485/232 (12)
Electronic Tools/Instruments/Consumables (97)
Nixie Tube Driver/LED Driver (3)
Radio Frequency Chip/Antenna (8)
Sensors (2)
Triode/MOS Tube/Transistor (105)
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