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Tontek Design Technology Ltd. is established from the Oct. 1986, the GreTai Securities Market listed company, which specially designs the electronic products of consumer, a high technical company which have a group of persons own plentiful design experience, professional knowledge and creative abilities. For years of research and development, Tontek’s products are quite plenty, the applications of products are extensively be used to control of touch dimmer, thermometer, clinical thermometer, calculator, LCD controller, camera, image and sound effects, infrared remote controller, PIR controller….etc, the necessaries of people’s livelihood which so closely linked to you and me, and bring us the enjoyment of comfortable and convenient life. Tontek always does his utmost to improve the technical levels of R&D and to upgrade the competitive ability of products. In recent years, Tontek elaborately develop series of MCU products which provide our customers more complete and more various kinds of products. Tontek’s consistently mission holds in hand is to satisfy the customers in need of diversified applications, to service them with good quality, and to create them the plentiful profit.
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Electronic Tools/Instruments/Consumables (2)
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Single Chip Microcomputer/Microcontroller (2)
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