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There are 2 types of shipping schedule items in your cart. Place the order requires customer to wait for all items to ship together.
Some options may not be available based on your order quantity.
Cut Tape
Parts are cut from a full reel tape according to the ordered quantities.
LCSC-Reels is a customized-quantity-reel of continuous cut tapes.
Full Reel
The ordered quantity matches a full reel quantity as received from the manufacturer.
Reel + Cut Tape
Parts are packed as a combination of Full Reel and Cut Tape.
For example,if a full reel is 3000pcs while your ordered quantity is 4000pcs,you will receive a full reel of 3000pcs and a cut tape of 1000pcs.
Parts are packed as a combination of Full Reel and LCSC-Reels.