Driver ICs has driver ics from industry leading manufacturers including AUTHORIZED brands of Shenzhen Fuman Elec, 3PEAK, HGSEMI, BROADCHIP, INTERNATIONAL brands of Allegro MicroSystems, LLC, ROHM Semicon, ON Semicon, TOSHIBA, Texas Instruments, Silergy Corp, International Rectifier and more, MADE IN ASIA brands of Fortior Tech, Shenzhen Titan Micro Elec, Wuxi ETEK Microelectronics, EG Micro, Wuxi Smart Microelectronics, Sinotech Mixic Elec, Hangzhou Ruimeng Tech and more.
We stock many driver ics including LCD Drivers, SCR Drivers, Motor Drivers, LED Drivers, Driver ICs, EL Drivers, Darlington transistor array driver, IGBT, MOS Drivers, High CurrentDrivers. etc.