Shenzhen HTCSEMI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HTCSEMI") is a professional integrated circuit design company. The company established Wuhan branch in 2009 and Shenzhen branch in 2013. HTCSEMI Wuhan R&D Center is located in the International Science and Technology Park of Optics Valley Headquarters. It is committed to scientific and technological innovation. There are more than 40 engineering talents with profound knowledge and rich experience in integrated circuit design and application electronic product design, of which 80% are engineering and technical personnel, mainly Design engineers, application engineers, and technical backbones are experts who have been working in the IC industry for a long time, forming the company's strong technical support system. At present, it is mainly committed to industrial product control chips, audio and video chips, touch chips, power management chips, power devices, motor control chips, smart instrument chips, infrared camera chips, nuclear magnetic resonance chips, high-precision data acquisition chips, spectral analysis chips, Research, design, development and sales of various integrated circuit chip products such as tire pressure monitoring chips, engine control chips and special gas measurement chips.
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