Crystals has crystals from industry leading manufacturers including AUTHORIZED brands of Yangxing Tech, TKD, Zhejiang Abel Elec, INTERNATIONAL brands of Raltron, Murata Electronics, Abracon LLC, KDS Daishinku, CITIZEN, Seiko Instruments, Seiko Epson and more, MADE IN ASIA brands of TXC Corp, Hosonic Elec, TAITIEN Elec, SHENZHEN CRYSTAL TECH, ZheJiang East Crystal Elec, Harmony Elec, Nihon Dempa Kogyo and more.
We stock many crystals including DIP Oscillators(XO), 49S, Ceramic Resonators, 49U, SMD Crystals, SMD Oscillators(XO), 49SMD, SAW Resonators, Radial Cylinder Crystals, 46X.