LCSC.com has diodes from industry leading manufacturers including AUTHORIZED brands of (MDD) Jiangsu Yutai Elec, DIYI Elec Tech, Guangdong Hottech, SK, Formosa Microsemi, Bourne Semicon (Shenzhen), Changjiang Electronics Tech (CJ), and more, INTERNATIONAL brands of Vishay Intertech, Nexperia, Diodes Incorporated, Shindengen, Micro Commercial Components, ON Semicon, BOURNS and more, MADE IN ASIA brands of Sangdest Microelectronicstronic (Nanjing), Leshan Radio, HY Elec, Shandong Jingdao Microelectronics, SK, Semtech, PANJIT International and more.
We stock many diodes including High Voltage Diode, TVS, Gas Discharge Tubes - GDTs, Diodes - ESD, Avalanche Diodes, Diodes - Variable Capacitance, Diodes - Rectifiers - Fast Recovery, Bridge Rectifiers, Diacs Trigger Diode, Zener Diodes. etc.