Optocouplers & LEDs & Infrared

LCSC.com has optocouplers & leds & infrared from industry leading manufacturers including AUTHORIZED brands of Wuxi China Resources Huajing Microelectronics, SUNLIGHT, Chau Light, SHANGHAI PUFENG OPTO ELEC TECH, INTERNATIONAL brands of ON Semicon, Vishay Intertech, RENESAS, TOSHIBA, Broadcom, Cosmo Electronics, NEC and more, MADE IN ASIA brands of Sharp Microelectronics, Lite-On, Everlight Elec, Isocom Components, Bright LED Elec, Nanjing Micro One Elec, California Eastern Laboratories and more.
We stock many optocouplers & leds & infrared including LCD Displays Modules, Silicon Photocell, Led Segment Display, OLED Displays Modules, Infrared Receivers, Light Emitting Diodes (LED), Triac Optocouplers, Photo Interrupter, IRDA - Infrared Transceivers, LED Displays - Dot Matrix. etc.