Logic ICs

LCSC.com has logic ics from industry leading manufacturers including AUTHORIZED brands of HGSEMI, Shenzhen Fuman Elec, GN, INTERNATIONAL brands of Nexperia, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, ON Semicon, TOSHIBA, Integrated Device Tech, RENESAS and more, MADE IN ASIA brands of Wuxi Zhongwei Aisin Elec, Unisonic Tech, Microsemi, AGM Microelectronics, Princeton Tech, Holtek Semicon, Nuvoton Tech and more.
We stock many logic ics including Codec ICs, Timer, CPLD & FPGA, 74 Series, 4000 Series, Logic ICs, Multivibrators, Shift Registers, Counters, Dividers, Gates and Inverters. etc.